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Hello and welcome to Savinoff Design Studios!

This site is for everyone interested in computer generated 3D art — from serious clients who need high quality work produced on time, everytime, to people who are browsing the web in search of wallpapers for their desktops to download, or posters/t-shirts with original 3D artwork to buy. Also, in an effort to give back to the 3D community there are a few Lightwave tutorials/scenes created by Dmitry Savinoff to download and learn usefull things from.

So please feel free to look around, see the art we have done, and the services we offer, discuss things in our forum. As you pass over the links a brief description should appear in the info box to make navigation easier. This site is evolving and will be in an almost constant state of construction as info and images are added and updated, so please visit often.

Thanks for coming,
Dmitry Savinoff

last update: March 5, 2003

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